Say what you want, get your audience to love you, motivate your leaders, and have fun in the process!

If you are anything like me, you probably hate "speaker training" programs.  

Does the thought of a goofy guy telling you where to stand, how to modulate your voice, or what to do with your hands send chills down your spine?   

Me too!  

My story is probably a lot like yours.  When I first started speaking, I spoke for free and forced my way into as many speaking situations as possible in order to establish myself as a speaker.  I was funny and told a great story.  I wasn't boring.  And I liked being in front of an audience.  Public speaking isn't rocket science and if you've got it, you don't need someone to show you how to do it.

Or so I thought...

The more I spoke, and the better I got; the more I learned that there is so much more to speaking!

I didn't know that I could use my talks to recruit my audience for other programs, the secrets to presenting controversial or unpopular ideas, the reasons for validating my audience, that my talks could be a platform for developing long-term relationships and follow up, and so much more.  

There is so much more to speaking - especially if you speak to college students - that you need to know if you are going to be more then just "that funny guy with an interesting message."

I wasted a lot of time and I learned the hard way that speaking is not just a forum to merely exchange ideas or a one-off performance.  Speaking is a powerful tool to develop leadership, change lives, and to initiate or continue relationships with your audience that can last a lifetime.
"Tzvi has this innate ability to connect to his audience, leaving a listener provoked, inspired, entertained, and - frankly - a changed person." - Jonathan Krisch, Georgetown Law School

After years of trial and error, I developed a set of tools that I now use every time I speak - whether I am reading over the rules at an orientation session or I am discussing the most important ideas I think my students' will ever hear.  No matter what the topic or context, I can keep my audience engaged, deepen our relationship, and continue the conversation long after my talk has ended.  

And now I have packaged what I do, and I want to share these incredible tools with you.  Why?  Because I go bonkers when I see talented people wasting opportunities - I now know that there is so much more to speaking then just speaking well.  

Talking Points: How to Communicate on Campus is a powerful, focused, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners seminar that will show you how to effectively get your message across to college students. In addition, you will learn how your talks, presentations, and workshops are opportunities to stimulate word-of-mouth buzz, create student loyalty and commitment, and inspire leadership.  This is NOT a speaker-training seminar - you will not learn how stand, where to put your hands, or how to modulate your voice.  You WILL learn practical, hands-on tools you can immediately apply so students will pay attention to your ideas, stay connected to you, and become ambassadors for your cause.  

Specifically, in Talking Points you will learn:
  • 4 tools to actively engage your audience without turning your talk into an open discussion
  • 5 steps for presenting controversial ideas that will take off the edge and actually make friends in the process
  • 8 tools to keep your audience engaged long after your talk is finished
  • A simple system to learn and remember names (and why you absolutely must do this if you don't already)
  • How to use your talks to stimulate word-of-mouth recruitment and foster loyalty and long-term commitment
  • Why you should always take questions (and why taking questions has nothing to do with giving answers)
  • How to validate your audience and make them the experts
  • 5 tools to keep your audience focused and alert
  • How to make sure your audience loves you no matter how dry or bland your material may be
  • And so much more!
Talking Points is not a "lecture."  You will not passively absorb great ideas.  

Talking Points is a fun, engaging, and interactive workshop - you apply my techniques on the spot, with me, and we work together until you can do them too!   

Talking Points is a great program to break up a long day and it is a great way to involve your junior staff and volunteers in your training programs and conferences.  You will have a good time, you will laugh, and you will walk away with real skills you can immediately put into practice.  

Bring Talking Points to your campus or community today.   Click here to book this great program now or email us at to find out more. 
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