Get TONS of college students to attend your events, love what you do, recruit their friends, stay involved throughout college, and send donations after they graduate.

"Once I learned the secrets to WORD-OF-MOUTH recruitment, my numbers went through the roof!  Not only that, students stuck around longer and became loyal ambassadors for my programs."

Are you sick of poor attendance, flakey student commitment, or feel like you are "starting from scratch" every time you run a new program or event?  Are you fed up with experimenting, spending money on things that don't work, and wasting time?

So was I!  

I beat my head against the wall trying every recruitment trick in the book - I plastered the campus with posters, spent tons of money on wacky attention-getting stunts, stood for hours at tables in the quad (and feeling extremely goofy in the process), and did everything everyone said "you have to do" to get students to come to my events and sign up for my programs.  And you know what?  Nothing worked!  Sure, a handful of kids would be interested, but overall it was a big waste of time.  And this was in spite of the fact that I had a powerful message and I was offering an amazing program.

Then I discovered The Glue Factor. I figured out how to capitalize on my student relationships, tap into my student network, and generate a word-of-mouth buzz.  

Once I figured out how word-of-mouth works, my numbers went through the roof!
  And not only that, but I discovered that the secrets to successful word-of-mouth are the same as those to build student loyalty, inspire leadership, and guarantee long-term student retention.

If you learn to shift your focus and to think differently about what you do - your numbers will go up, more students will stick around, and your program, group, club or organization will become a major (or bigger) player on campus.  

Now you can do what I did - spend years experimenting and frustrated - or you can learn from my experience and start achieving amazing results now!  

I created The Glue Factor: The Campus Recruitment and Retention System, because it drives me absolutely crazy to see great people with an important message and amazing programs not reaching and retaining as many students as they can or should.  I will show you an 11-point system that will dramatically transform the way you do business for the better.

"Thank you so much for your talk. I've implemented so many new ideas within days of your coming to our campus. Your talk challenged me to reinvent and clearly define myself on campus with greater vigor and focus." - J.P. Katz - JEM University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Glue Factor is a powerful, no-holds-barred seminar that will show you how to stimulate effective word-of-mouth recruitment campaigns, build long-term student relationships, generate student loyalty and commitment, and foster and develop leadership.  This is NOT a fluffy motivational talk about the power of leadership and working together.  It is a specific, results focused program, and you, your staff, students, volunteers, partners, student board, and everyone else will walk away with tools you can immediately put into practice to increase your recruitment and engender long-term student loyalty and commitment.  

Specifically, The Glue Factor: the campus recruitment and retention system will show you:
  • An in-depth look at 12 conventional recruitment tools everyone uses - what works, what doesn't, and why
  • How to stimulate a word-of-mouth recruitment campaign, why this is your most important strategy, and how it will transform your conventional marketing
  • 4 tools to keep students talking about your program or event long after it is over
  • 6 stealth strategies to keep your programs in front of your students without being pushy or aggressive
  • The secrets to conducting program interviews that will actually increase your recruitment (and why you should do them if you don't)
  • The secret behind program rotation and why it is essential for both recruiting and building long-term loyalty
  • Tools to maintain consistent, regular contact with students and program participants
  • The most important thing you need to do to greatly increase your initial recruitment and maintain long-term commitment from your program participants
  • How to initiate long-term relationships and create a social component at even the most boring, content-focused events
  • Why you should take charge of your programs to transform them into powerful recruitment tools
  • How to develop incentive-based programs to empower your current students
  • And so much more!
Sounds great right?

I can present a specific, detailed, results-oriented program like this because I have been working with college students for almost 15 years.  I have tried everything and I have already made every mistake you can make - I know what works and what doesn't from experience.  

"This talk is truly revolutionary in its ability to cut through the layers of recruiting and get down to core fundamentals." -  Daniel Hyman - JEM, University of Wisconsin, Madison

This program shows you the tools that I use.  I know they work because I use these techniques - this is not theory.   I have consistently recruited hundreds of students for the most-difficult-to-recruit-for off-campus programs (expensive, 3-week, educationally-intensive, overseas programs) - and I can show you how to achieve the same type of results when recruiting for your programs, event, group, club or organization.  You will learn how to stimulate word-of-mouth recruitment, how to keep students around, and how to transform them into loyal partners and friends.

Contact me now and book this program.  I will present it for you, your staff, your students, volunteers, partners, student board, and anyone else you think will benefit from learning these tools and techniques. 
Email me at and book The Glue Factor now.
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