Get your students to love your organization, believe in your message, brag to their friends, and beg you for more!
Everyone who works with college students knows that the single most effective way to develop leadership, motivate your best students - getting them to identify with your message and connect with your staff - is to take them off-campus for a weekend, a week, or even a month away.  There is simply no better use of your time and limited resources. 
So have you ever tried running an off-campus program? 
I did! 
I thought running an off-campus program would be a breeze - until I had to deal with travel agents, tour companies, food services, bus companies, tour guides, guest speakers, recruiting, schedules, teaching, mental health issues, medical emergencies, weird diets and allergies, budgets, post-program follow-up, and everything else under the sun!  Running my first program was overwhelming, time consuming, frustrating, baffling - you name it - I was in over my head. 
And I was already an experienced program coordinator! 
From 1994 until the end of 2000 I lived in Israel and ran 3-4 week programs for groups of 40-50 college students during their summer and winter breaks.  Over those years I held every position -  from staff councilor to program director - and I learned a lot about working with students, crisis management, and teaching.
But I had no idea how much more went into making a great program. 
I moved to Boston at the beginning of 2001 and within a few months I was on a plane to London with a group of 44 students.  Suddenly I had to think about logistics, flights, food, parents, schedules, drunk kids - all in addition to what I already knew about education and building relationships.  I ran my first program by trial and error - completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed - and I would have thrown in the towel had I not figured out a system to make the process manageable, efficient, and effective. 
For the last 7 years I have been perfecting my system - experimenting, innovating, improving - and now I am ready to share this extremely valuable information with you.
"[Tzvi] draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding his own unique spin which makes even the deepest concepts accessible to everyone." - Joel Mirkin, Boston University
Why am I doing this? 

I want to share this amazing resource with you because I can't stand to see great people, with a great message, fail to get their programs off the ground because they are overwhelmed by all the things they have to do.    
Get Out of Town! is a practical, specific, results-focused program.  Get Out of Town! is not theory - I will not waste your time with fluffy, motivational drivel about the power of teamwork and working together.  I will show you the things I do, year after year, for every program I run.  I have been running, recruiting, planning, and handling every detail for my own programs since moving to Boston in early 2001.  I have sent hundreds of students on programs - and every type of program - from short weekends away to month-long gruel-fests.  In one year I managed and recruited 6 programs, 4 of them done back-to-back that summer, for over 250 students.
I have taken all my experiences and condensed them into the ultimate seminar so you can use my methods and achieve the same results with your students. 

Get Out of Town! is a practical, firsthand, realistic, in-depth tool that you can immediately put into practice for your programs, organization, cause, or whatever it is that you do to achieve amazing results.
I will show you insider "secrets" like:

  • When to start recruiting so that your programs fill up and sell out
  • When to book your flights to get the dates you want, at the best price and before everyone else
  • 5 things you must do before you can begin recruiting - what you absolutely must have in place  before you can launch and what can wait until later
  • How to manage masses of applications and stimulate great word-of-mouth
  • How to determine what students you will accept and what students you won't  
  • How to receive payments on time and minimize cancellations
  • How to manage large group introductions and orientation
  • 10 ways to make your schedule awesome and engaging
  • 10 things you can do to cut costs without sacrificing your programming
  • Tips and tricks to avoid anarchy and earn praise for a well-organized program (even when you know that behind the scenes it isn't!)
  • How to keep your staff happy
  • 9 things your staff must know so your program will be amazing
  • 7 things you can do to make your program something your students will brag about back on campus
  • How to get outside vendors and agencies to work for you, not against you (including tour guides, tour companies, travel agencies, food services, sights and attractions, bus companies, hotels, and more)
  • How to stay on top of your program's finances, manage cash flow, and stay out of trouble
  • The most effective ways to achieve your educational goals
  • How to handle mental health issues, medical issues, program breakdowns, schedule changes, cancellations, and emergencies
  • How to moderate discussion groups and get your message heard
  • How to get student testimonials, rave reviews, and letters for your donors that will help you with fundraising and future recruitment
  • How to initiate an effective post-program follow up campaign
  • And much, much more!
You can do what I did, waste years and blow your budget on costly mistakes, experiments, and bad ideas.  Or you can learn from my experience, use my method, and spend your time focusing on the things that are really important - like developing leadership, teaching, and building lasting friendships. 
I am not going to mislead you - running great programs is a lot of hard work even when you use an amazing system like mine - but with it you will be able to plan and recruit with confidence.  You will save time, money, and aggravation.  You will avoid making mistakes that turn students off.  And you will make your programs the most talked about, most in-demand, and most popular programs on campus.
Bring Get Out of Town! to your campus or community today.   Click here to book this great program now or email us at to find out more. 
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