Building Bridges with Music
An Interactive Community-Building Workshop

Building Bridges with Music is:
Not a Lecture
Not a Concert
Totally Interactive – 100% Audience Participation
Live Music and World Class Musicians
Powerful Ideas and Deep Explanations
Not Cheesy, Corny, or Awkward

Building Bridges with Music is about the power of Jewish music.  It is interactive and fun.  The grooves are intense.  The experience is transformative and spiritual.  It is an opportunity to get beyond limitations and biases, to bring friends and communities together, and to foster a sense of spiritual identity. 

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Building Bridges with Music will draw new people, inspire your regulars, and pull slackers out of the woodwork.  It is non-confrontational, non-threatening, non-judgmental, inclusive, and culturally hip.  It incorporates music, rhythm and movement, and deep Jewish ideas.  It is interactive, engaging, positive, breaks down barriers, destroys misconceptions, and is an amazing introduction to you and your community.

Building Bridges with Music works in four parts.  Part one gets people moving.  Part two introduces melody.  Part three is the Kabbalah of circles.  Part four is bridge building.  And the drums don’t stop beating.

Building Bridges with Music is original and different.  It is not a Jewish rock concert or an ex-hippie love-in.  It is the real thing.

Building Bridges with Music is perfect for an evening, afternoon, or motzi Shabbos event.  Different options are available. 

Bring Building Bridges with Music to your community today.

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