Shwarma the Hard Way
Tapping into the power of "it"
(This talk is based on my book, everything you want is really jewish)
Yes, this is a class about Shwarma, the greasy Israeli sandwich.  For some crazy reason, people seem to get really excited when I talk about hummus, pita bread, and meat basted in lamb fat.  So excited, that most groups who book Shwarma the Hard Way once, book it again.

This talk - like Shwarma itself - is a unique and different experience.  

By way of stories, adventures, and a one-of-a-kind style of delivery - Shwarma the Hard Way is able to communicate the most basic concepts in Judaism in a way that gets the message heard - it is funny, engaging, thought-provoking, and gets your juices flowing (just like a good shwarma).

If your group is brand new to Judaism - Shwarma the Hard Way is the perfect eye-opener.  It will break misconceptions, demystify concepts, and give them a fresh new perspective that you can build on.

If your group is more advanced - Shwarma the Hard Way is the perfect program to supercharge, reawaken, re-inspire, or just keep the flame going.  

I have taught Shwarma the Hard Way to every type of group.  I have taught it at top universities all across America, to seminary students in Jerusalem, in frat houses in California, to Yeshiva students from the Catskills, to High School groups on summer vacation, to college students traveling in Europe, Israel, and South America.  I have taught it to non-English speaking groups via a simultaneous translation, to hardened businessmen and cynical young professionals, and the list goes on.  The one thing they all have in common is that they LOVE Shwarma the Hard Way.  They want to hear it again.  They want to bring it to their community.  They want their friends to hear it.  

Book Shwarma the Hard Way and learn why groups keep bringing it back, and why college groups bring it back every semester - semester after semester.  There are many great Jewish talks, but there is nothing like Shwarma the Hard Way.
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Articles based on this talk have been featured on Aish.com, in the Jerusalem Post Online Edition, and are in the book "Heaven on Earth" (published by Targum Press).
"With his charming personality and disarming sense of humor, Tzvi is able to convey the deepest and most thought provoking of ideas to any audience." - Rabbi Shimon Kay, Meor Philadelphia
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mt. Sinai
Exploring the roots of the Jewish people

I know what you're thinking, "Not another Torah Proofs class!" 

Not so fast. 

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mt. Sinai is a new and refreshing approach to the history of the Jewish people and her ancient bond to the Torah.  In this program I speak out the history, discuss the facts, present relevant analogies, use contemporary examples, and leave your students with a clear picture they can take home, process, and digest. 
And I bend over backwards to make sure your students are laughing, awake, and engaged.

I will not attack your students or overwhelm them with oodles of superfluous information - I encourage questions, discussion, and debate, and challenge your students to think for themselves.  If I do my job well, they will walk away with the tools to make an informed decision about the validity and relevance of the Sinai experience in their lives. 

Depending on your goals and time constraints, I can do a number of different versions of this program.  I also have an additional segment, which introduces a novel approach to establishing the accuracy of the oral transmission, and I will add it at your request. 

"Tzvi, this is a tough topic, are you qualified to teach it?" 
Of course! 
I spent 3 years in Jerusalem as a senior lecturer with the world famous Discovery seminar - teaching classes like this week after week - so I trained with the best.  And I have been presenting this material on campus for the last 8 years in Boston.  I do it one-on-one, in classes, as part of a full-blown Discovery seminar (I can teach the entire program if you want that), on trips to Israel, Europe, and South America, and to a host of different groups including college students, young professionals, and at community-wide events. 
This program is perfect as part of a Shabbos experience, weekend away, full-day seminar, or as a guest feature in a weekly series.  It also makes a great stand-alone class.
"Tzvi is one of the most engaging speakers I've ever seen." - Justin Newman, University of Florida
Wake Up and Get Happy!
A step-by-step guide to pleasure
This is my take on the classic Aish talk - the Five Levels of Pleasure  - and my presentation is featured in the innovative and highly acclaimed program, Aish Café, as Pleasure 101. (Aish Café is an interactive, online, multimedia, educational program presented in 12 installments - to date, over 1,600 students have successfully completed it in its entirety.)  To quote Rabbi Raphael Shore, the executive director of Aish Café, "Reb Tzvi's talk is consistently rated by many students as our most popular presentation."

In Wake Up and Get Happy, I take your students on a journey through pleasure, analyzing every type of pleasure, demonstrating the difference between real and illusory pleasures, and providing your students with a working definition of happiness.  This talk is a classic, and your students will develop a new relationship to ideas they intuitively know, but take for granted.
"Tzvi has this innate ability to connect to his audience, leaving a listener provoked, inspired, entertained, and - frankly - a changed person." - Jonathan Krisch, Georgetown Law School
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I also have over 50 other talks to chose from, including a 22-part series on the Hebrew alphabet, and special classes for holidays, fast days, and auspicious times.  I am available for programs during the week and Shabbos programs as well.  Please be in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!
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